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Meet Chris, the Network Marketing Tech Guy

Hi, I’m Chris and these are words that I hear on a very frequent basis from people who accept that they need to be in the online world but who are sometimes terrified of trying to overcome the hurdles that tech. can bring up.

[I was] pulling my hair out because techy is not my thing!

Let me start by promising you that been afraid of tech is nothing to be embarrassed about and it is something that you can overcome with a little help. We all need help sometimes and we are all better at some things compared to others.

I could spend hours trying to make this work…

You are an Entrepreneur…you are great at putting your mind to tasks such as recruiting team members, promoting your products or services and generally making your business a success. But if you are here reading this you probably have one of two problems or maybe even both:

  1. You have limited or no skills when it comes to web design, search engine optimisation, funnel building, email marketing, Facebook marketing, video editing or a host of other promotional methods that could boost your business.
  2. You don’t have the time or will to waste on these sort of activities when your time could be better spent speaking to prospects, training your team or serving your customers.

Sound familiar? If it does then WELL DONE! It’s a huge step to admit to yourself that you can’t and don’t need to do everything yourself!Most people (me definitely included!) wouldn’t try and take their car engine apart so why would you dream of trying to organise web servers or complex marketing software…hopefully you wouldn’t.

Hallelujah! there is a God!

The Solution to your Tech worries…

Okay so firstly I am not a God! But what I do have are some skills, honed over the past twenty years that I now use to help people, just like you, who are struggling with getting the tech side of their business to work for them.Because what I’m all about it helping people and that’s where I get my pleasure…from seeing other people succeed and knowing that I was part of their success story.

That help looks different to each person I work with. You might be facing a website disaster and JUST NEED IT FIXING NOW! Or you might have received a ton of training from your upline but have no idea how to implement it. It might be short term help or something longer. It might even be just some reassurance that you are on the right track!

I’m here to help you overcome whatever tech hurdles you have, big or small.