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Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social Media Marketing mistakes to avoid


These days it’s rare to find somebody who isn’t on some form of social media whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or one of the many other networks. This huge presence of people online is exactly why Social Media Marketing is so important to your Network Marketing business and yet most people are making mistakes which mean their posts are pretty much ignored!

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the common mistakes that network marketers like you are making and how you can overcome them to become a Social Media Marketing guru!

#1 Are you posting to often?

Some people seem to think that the more they post, the more attention they’ll get but that simply isn’t true. This applies to your regular social media posts not including live video or Facebook story updates and it’s a case of wearing out your followers! Once you’ve worn them out they’ll start to ignore your posts altogether and that is the last thing we want. you’ll wear them out and they’ll ignore you. no more than once a day (not including stories or video)

The solution is easy though, stick to posting no more than once a day (unless it’s Twitter and you can get away with posting more often there) and you’ll be on the right track with your social media marketing.

#2 Is your content top quality?

Now that we’ve sorted out how often you are going to post, we need to pin down what you are going to share with your audience. Ask yourself the question “would I share my content if it was somebody else’s”?

If the answer is no, then you need to revisit what you are sharing and stop posting mediocre content. Your content should give your followers value and should never be a post simply for the sake of a post. You are doing more harm than good for your social media marketing strategy!

I get it though that coming up with ideas for top quality content for your social media marketing efforts isn’t always easy but tools such as Buzzsumo can help you generate ideas.

Social media marketing ideas from Buzzsumo

#3 Are you leveraging the power of video in your Social Media Marketing strategy?

Video is the future…NOW. You have probably noticed that the social media networks are locked into a battle with the good old TV networks to win your attention and video is the key weapon. A weapon that you can use to benefit yourself as part of your social media marketing strategy.

That means that social networks are really eager to show your video content and give it a much higher priority in the news feed. On top of that, video is naturally more engaging for your audience and they are much more likely to stop scrolling that with a traditional text update.

#4 Do you posts attract likes & shares in the first hour?

When it comes to social media marketing, your posts first hour of life is absolutely critical! It’s in this first hour that the social networks algorithms work out if your post is likely to go viral. If you start attracting likes and shares in that golden window, your post will be naturally boosted by the network and reach more people.

So what can we do about this to boost our social media marketing? Well if you already have a list of contacts such as an email marketing list, Facebook Messenger list or push notification list, let them know when you post. Dropping them a quick message can quickly drive traffic to your post and teach the social network that your post is well loved by those who see it. First hour…push hard!

#5 How often do you engage with your audience?

When was the last time that you used Social Media Marketing for what it was meant for…to be social with your audience? If it was a while ago then you are missing the whole point of posting for your followers. Social Media is exactly that…social. If people ask a question, answer it. Even if they leave you the simplest of comments they should get a response from you and your won’t believe how much people will appreciate it. Suddenly, a simply “hi, thanks for reading” on a comment connects you with the follower and creates a connection. It builds trust and reminds the follower that you are a real person. Over time, that simple interaction will bring your more likes & shares. Now that’s a success for your social media marketing!

Let’s wrap it up.

So these we the top five mistakes that I see Network Marketers making with their social media marketing:

  • Posting too often
  • Posting mediocre content
  • Not leveraging the power of video in their social media marketing
  • Not promoting their posts in the first hour
  • Not engaging with their own audience

All easy to solve, right?

So it’s time to be honest…have you been making any of these mistakes with your social media marketing? Leave a comment below and let us know, trust me, you are not the only one!

Thanks for reading!

About the Author

Chris Burrows

Chris has been working with Network Marketing professionals for the past ten years and has been creating businesses online for over twenty years. With six children and his wife, Alison, at home, he knows all too well that life is busy and aims to take away the technical hurdle that a lot of entrepreneurs struggle to overcome. "Let me deal with the tech stuff and you focus on what you do best...building your business!"

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